Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Over the last 3 nights at VBS we have discussed .....

Over the last 3 nights at VBS we have discussed
The reason for our being, our creation, that sin is sin, none greater or lesser than the other and that caring or helping or giving does require something - there is a price!

These messages have drawn me nearer to a deeper meaning
For the birth of Christ,
His life on earth and His crucifixion.

He came, created in the form of man so that we may know Him;
 His ways, speech, dress ...all tangible, in order that we see and believe.
From woman, He descended to show us,
That ...sin cannot bind you, it has no hold!
We must exercise God's favor on our lives...
We share with Him the power to reject satan's temptation.
He did it in the desert –
He proved to us - in His fleshly body, that it CAN be done!!
We can rebuke satan and he WILL flee!

Lastly He paid the price for caring!!
What greater love than the sacrifice? Somebody better shout "hallelujah"!
He had shown us how!!
He has approved the way to the Father!

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